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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wee-Sol Draws a Kaiju Battle

In the grand tradition of Wee-Sol Draws a Zombie, I bring you my five-year-old son's latest foray into genre-based illustration. This time, he decided it would make his kaiju-lovin' pop happy if he sketched an all-out brawl between Godzilla and his long-time ally/enemy, Mothra, which now hangs majestically in my office:

(Click for a bigger image)

The little guy had some issues figuring out how to get the giant tail to lay just right (lower right-hand corner), but in the end I think he mastered it expertly. When he had a little difficulty visualizing, we decided it might be a good idea to pop in our beloved Classic Media DVD release of Godzilla vs. Mothra, which features a gallery of vintage movie posters. Here was the one he picked to use as inspiration:

How about that, Vault dwellers? To quote one of our mutual heroes, not bad for a little furball.


Strange Kid said...

Haha, now that's cool. Definitely office wall material.

B-Sol said...

Yep! It's right under his drawing of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea :-)

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