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Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Posters for Matt Reeves' Let Me In

By Paige MacGregor

Some new posters have been released for director Matt Reeves' remake of the Swedish horror film Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In), and comparison among the four appears to prove the popularly held belief that foreign posters for U.S. films are much better than those created for domestic use.

The first poster is extremely simple, featuring the film's title, slightly bloody against an icy white background:

The second U.S. poster is, in my opinion, the most impressive of the domestic posters released for Let Me In to date. This poster features actress Chloe Moretz curled up in the fetal position in a pool of what appears to be blood:

The third domestic poster for Let Me In is also extremely simple. Personally, I think that having yet another snowy background, this time with a snow angel centered in the middle of the poster, is boring--but what do I know about poster design?

The final Let Me In poster is my favorite of the four and is, of course, the one poster designed for foreign release. A close-up of Chloe Moretz's face fills the poster, and the greyscale color scheme used draws viewers' attention to one of the only splashes of color in the image: a bright red drop of blood oozing out of Moretz's mouth and dribbling down her lip. Deliciously creepy.

One other film poster created for Let Me In was released earlier this year, using stand-ins due to the fact that the roles had not yet been cast.

For more information on Matt Reeves' Let Me In, currently scheduled for release next month, head over to the film's official Facebook page or IMDb page.


Bill Dan Courtney said...

I am looking forward to this remake myself. the original film was great. I am not adverse to remakes myself since there is always the original to fall back on. Like a cover song.

The Dorian Gray film currently in your banner is also a good version of that story I felt. Sure some problems but over all pretty good if you have not seen it.

Scare Sarah said...

Think I liked the first poster best. The book was awesome and I enjoyed the original a lot. Always interested in seeing a remake!

free movies said...

I have to say, in many ways, it is a good time to be a horror nut. I love to watch horror movies. I enjoyed the original movie but waiting to see the remake.

Keelee von Cupcake said...

See, I love the snow angel poster, I find it lovely and haunting, a sweet childish image made spooky by a small swath of blood. Original. (I also love the pool of blood poster.)

But I find the simple -main character's face- rather boring. :P Seems normal, like I've seen it before.

I do agree that foreign posters tend to be prettier though.

And if I can say one thing for "Let Me In" it is that they have an AMAZING marketing team. XD That alone has convinced me to see it, when I initially was not interested.

B-Sol said...

I think they're all pretty solid. Getting more excited for this one...

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