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Monday, August 4, 2008

Buffy the Animated Series: What Might Have Been

Yes, there really was going to be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer cartoon. As a matter of fact, Joss Whedon was developing it for Fox Kids four years ago. Unfortunately, the project never got beyond a four-minute teaser clip. However, that clip has now surfaced online (EW was the first to pick up on it earlier today.) All you Buffy fans enjoy this, 'cause it's all you're gonna get:

The voice of Buffy was provided by Giselle Loren, who also filled Sarah Michelle Gellar's shoes in video game incarnations of the show.


gord said...

That SMG impersonation is shockingly spot on.

Buffy seems like one of those shows that I might like, since I've really enjoyed almost everything else Whedon has done, but I never got into it. The X-Files sucked up all my time around then.

Corey said...

that was awesome. :) thanks for posting this... i miss buffy so.

i agree the SMG impersonation is almost perfect. i read somewhere that the buffy voice-double from the video games is also her stunt double in the show.

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