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Friday, August 15, 2008

Candyman Reinvented as a White Guy?

I guess it was inevitable. Shock Till You Drop is now reporting that Sony Pictures is considering a reboot of one of the 1990s most popular horror franchises, Candyman. What's more, there is some thought being given to recasting the hook-handed urban legend killer with a white actor. Genre fave Tony Todd originated the character in 1992, and made it into one of horror's only black icons.

I know it's been said before, but where is this remake frenzy going to leave us in a couple of decades? I recently picked up an excellent book called The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane, about American films of the 1970s. I was amazed to see how very few of them were remakes, and appalled by how many of them have been remade since then. A sorry state of affairs, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Well, crap. There goes my treatment for Whitula.

Wes Fierce said...

Sounds like an idea from the brainchild behind the prom night remake. "Let's throw out 90% of the original story and make it a cool pg-13 slasher for the kids! Cash monies! Oh and let's get Darren Lynn Bousman to direct!"

B-Sol said...

With the Friday the 13th remake getting an R, it's actually possible that this could get one, too. Not that it's much of a consolation...

Karl Hungus said...

With regards to remaking Candyman... I'm sure you'll know where I stand on this, it's absolutely despicable.

But, with regards to the idea of replacing Todd with a white actor? I think people look at things in far too black & white terms. I understand the significance of one of the only black horror icons, but really, when you sit down to watch the film, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that Todd delivered one of the most spectacular performances in a horror film you could ever hope for, he was just brilliant, creepy, imposing and frightening. I think that it's his performance, not his colour, that makes it so special.

To me, this isn't a case of them replacing a black actor. It's a case of them replacing a great actor. I don't like that at all.

Garg Unzola said...

A white Candyman?! Did they even bother watching the first one before deciding to remake it?

Firstly, remakes are despicable. Secondly, the fact that Candyman is black is central to the story. It's like the Wickerman remake which isn't even situated on a continent where they practised this curious custom in the first place.

Hey, while we are making Candyman politically correct, why don't we get Elton John and his partner to star in the leading roles? I mean if race doesn't affect the story, certainly gender doesn't either.

Oh and the word Candy, I'm not comfortable with that. I'm not comfortable with the sexist man part either. It should be non-fattening diabetic-safe sugar supplement snack person.

I realise that it is fictional, and while it doesn't have to be realistic it has to be convincing at the very least.

And remakes suck.

cindy said...

no one, black or white, will ever be a 'new' candyman for me... no one ever could fill tony todd's shoes as candyman!

A.R.Yngve said...

When some archaeologist writes the history of Hollywood some 500 years from now, perhaps the current lack of creativity or intelligence will finally get its rational explanation...

"Scientists have examined the skulls of movie producers and directors buried in California, and have found high levels of brain-damaging chemicals deposited in their bones. Among the crystallized substances found were cocaine, Botox and silicone..."


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