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Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Bay Off Elm Street Remake?

While this is far from official at the moment, word on the street is that Platinum Dunes--the production company run by Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form--has blown its window of opportunity for remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Fans will recall that Platinum Dunes was brought on board by Warner Bros. back in January to reboot the franchise, owing to its rep for doing the same for other properties like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. Last month, they even hired a screenwriter--Wesley Strick, the writer of Arachnaphobia, Wolf and Scorsese's Cape Fear.

But now the Vault has discovered that the Warner Bros.-Platinum Dunes deal may, in fact, have fallen apart. To be clear, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Nightmare remake isn't happening (though let's all keep our fingers crossed on that one), it just means that Michael Bay won't be the one doing it. Not sure if this means that Strick is no longer working on the script.

Why Platinum Dunes blew it, if in fact it did, still isn't clear. Could it be that they simply came to their senses? Nah, I don''t think so, either.


Wes Fierce said...

While I'm glad they raised the production value to the level that they did with TCM, they almost ruined it with the narrative. Then while it seemed like they were heading in the right direction with TAH*, they took a step back with TCM:TB. And then I went on a television killing murder spree after Sophia Bush lured me into watching the movie by the name of which we shall not speak.

I wont make any judgements about the new Friday until I see it, but theyve also got The Birds coming up, apparently. They could either redeem or hang themselves next year. I would much rather see ANOES in the hands of some truely talented visionaries backed by a powerful studio that respects the filmmakers vision, though. *snicker*

*Fun Fact: Chloe Moretz is from my hometown and my mom used to work for her dad before they moved to L.A. :D

B-Sol said...

Platinum Dunes is also working on Near Dark, Rosemary's Baby and a SLEW of other horror remakes.
By the way, I think you set a record for most acronyms used in a single blog comment.

Wes Fierce said...

It seemed like they had more projects in development, but its so hard to keep track of what news actually pans out these days, that I usually forget it as soon as I read it :P

lol. I <3 acronyms, especially when I have to reference a specific title like TCON:TLTWATW. double :P :P

AndyDecker said...

They want to remake Near Dark and Rosemary´s Baby? Who is in charge there? Damien?

In the world of crass commerz there is nothing sacred; I know, but this is just depressing.

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