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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Zealander Soils Himself During [REC] Screening

Now, I've been a strong proponent of the Spanish zombie film [REC] since it was first released last November. And I can't think of a stronger endorsement for the picture than the incident reported on the New Zealand website Scoop, which alleges that an audience member literally crapped himself in sheer terror while watching the movie at the New Zealand International Film Festival last month.

The report is corroborated by a correspondent for the NZ website Incredibly Strange, who was also in attendance:

"What the individual left behind in the theatre seat was as horrifying as anything on the screen, and that's saying a lot."

There you have it, fright fans. If that doesn't convince you to see it, nothing will. If you happen to be in New Zealand, the flick opens there on August 28. Otherwise, it's available now on DVD in certain parts of the world. Find a way to acquire it at your earliest opportunity.


Richard Crawford said...

Well, hell, yeah. [Rec] is one of the scariest films I've seen in years. There's excellent tension, amazing acting, terrifying cinematography, and more. I wish American audiences could handle subtitles; the Hollywood remake is pretty much guaranteed to suck.

gord said...

I don't get this film. I didn't find it scary in the least. It's just an average horror film with an incredibly annoying POV gimmick that made the film make less sense than if it had been a standard film.

B-Sol said...

Alas, Mr. Crawford, the general stupidity of the American public at large is nearly boundless. And gord, sounds like you should get together with my wife, you both have similar opinions on the movie.

gord said...


Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who didn't like it. I mean I really wanted to, and I usually enjoy 'different' takes on standard films, but this one just didn't grab me.

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