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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kiefer Sutherland Hates Horror Movies

And judging by the actor's resume, it would appear the feeling is mutual.

British entertainment website Digital Spy has a perplexing quote up from Mr. Sutherland, star of the forgettable flop Mirrors:

"I can do maybe one [horror movie] a year. I kind of liken it to getting on a rollercoaster. You haven't done it in four years and you go to the amusement park with your daughter or your son. You're standing there and you go, 'This is going to be great!' You get in line and then you get close to it and you're going, 'What the f**k am I doing here?'

"You start to try to walk out and there's 300 people behind you, and your kid's looking at you, so you're stuck. And the slow ride up is just torture and then it's done. You walk out going, 'Wasn't that great?' And then four years later, you forget the front part and you do it again."

Assuming this isn't a different Kiefer Sutherland we're talking about here, this is a quote from a man who has appeared in exactly three horror films over the course of a 25-year career. And before Mirrors, the only other "pure" horror flick he's done is Flatliners (1990). The guy makes it sound like it's a semi-regular occurrence for him, yet his last horror-esque movie was 2004's Taking Lives, a serial killer thriller you'd best remember from Angelina Jolie's sensuously parted lips on the DVD cover. (See, I told you.) In fact, his best contribution to the genre would have to be The Lost Boys (1987), which is best described as a horror-comedy.

So where does Donald's baby boy come off waxing all philosophic as if he were Christopher Lee or Brad Dourif or something? Beats the hell out of me, unless he's just trying to drum up some interest in his latest effort.

Oh yeah, Sutherland also confirmed that there will be a 24 movie, in case anyone's interested...


2266 said...

I saw the interview where that quote comes from. Mr. Sutherland was talking about watching horror movies, not acting in them.

B-Sol said...

Well, thanks for clearing that up! Looks like Digital Spy got a little confused.

Karl Hungus said...

Sorry if I'm sounding overly critical here b-sol, but I don't think it's fair to criticise Kiefer on his opinion here. He's hardly said anything inflammatory or insulting towards the genre or it's fans, or anything else that deserves a rebuttal.

So he's not a fan of horror? That's fair enough, and it hardly impacts on his acting performances, so why should it really matter what films he doesn't like?

It's like the whole thing with Robert Downey Jr not liking The Dark Knight. Who cares? He's still an absolutely terrific actor.

B-Sol said...

I was just completely confused as to why he'd even say that, as if he's done a bunch of horror movies in his career, when he hasn't. It was a befuddling quote.

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