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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dexter Among SAG Nominees

The venerable Screen Actor's Guild released its nominees for the 15th annual SAG Awards this morning, and everyone's favorite lovable serial killer was on the list.

Michael C. Hall earned a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, but I think he's got some stiff competition against Jon Hamm of Mad Men and sentimental favorite Bill Shatner of Boston Legal. Dexter was also acknowledged with a nom for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. However, I would think that one would be a lock for Mad Men.

But I'm glad Dexter is getting this kind of recognition. I also think it's unfortunate that Battlestar Galactica, and Edward James Olmos in particular, were ignored in the same categories.


AndyDecker said...

It´s a pleasure to see how they took the worn concept of the serial killer and made it work again in Dexter. Especially if you compare it with shows like the cringe-worty Criminal Minds.

I truly hope they win at least the ensemble category; I love this diverse cast, from whiny Rita to bossy Debra. Great show.

I just hope they know when to pull the plug and don´t end like in shame like X-Files.

Anonymous said...

I love Dexter and can't get enough! The whole cast is remarkable and Michael C. Hall is so great, he makes Dexter actually lovable. Would be nice to see them get something.

roentarre said...

He is my favorite hero!

B-Sol said...

Last season was just as solid as anything that came before, so I say keep it going for now!

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