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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Newsweek Picks Horror Movie as Best Film of 2008

In the latest issue of Newsweek, one of America's most-read weekly news magazines, noted critic David Ansen lists his ten favorite flicks of the year. And the number one movie on that list is none other than the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. (I've seen it to, and it's remarkable--VoH review to come.)

Here's what Ansen has to say:

"Stunning from first shot to last, Tomas Alfredson's mesmerizing Swedish coming of age/love story/horror film redefined the vampire genre."

That's major praise, from a mainstream American movie critic. And the movie is deserving of that praise. I wouldn't be surprised if Let the Right One In even gets an Oscar nom for Best Foreign Language Picture.


Bo said...

Easily my favorite horror film of the year, I'm happy to see this getting some mass media play. I don't know anyone who has actually seen the film who wasn't affected by it on a deep level. And, I think you are right... it would be criminal not to see this nominated for Best Foreign Language feature.

Christopher Zenga said...
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Christopher Zenga said...

I can't wait to see this film. Everyone is talking about it, it is haveing quite an impact on the horror community. Once I make it through the holiday season I am going to have to score myself a copy.

Currently on deck (if My kids will give me moment to watch them!)

Max Payne
Robot chicken Star Wars special(I had to add it, I love Star Wars)

Later days,
Christopher Zenga

Ī£mpire said...

I LOVE this movie! It was fantastic from start to end.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves Vampire movies but doesn't want to heed to such starry-eyed pop-mutations as Twilight.

And even those who do not particularly enjoy the genre will see something special in this film.

Oh, and the scene with the cats is worth seeing in of itself.

Streets of Stamford said...

How come this isn't available from Netflix yet??? [REC] and Descendents aren't yet either. Bummer!

B-Sol said...

Definitely worth seeing, and then some. Like I said, I'll be posting a full review as soon as I have a chance. You don't need to be a vampire fan, or even a horror movie fan, to enjoy it. It has pretty universal appeal. Netflix needs to get off its bum and put this and other foreign releases out. And Chris, as crazy as it sounds, this is probably something you could watch with the kids. Its the kind of story they can relate to, especially if they've seen monster movies before. A few quick gory bits, but nothing a quick hand over the eyes won't fix!

Bo said...

Magnet is releasing Let the Right One In on March 10th. Until then, you can still catch it at some art house theaters (thank you Belcourt, locally).

Wes Fierce said...

Thats awesome, the movie is astounding. I cant help but notice the absence of Dark Knight though, yet Tropic Thunder sits at #8 :/

Christopher Zenga said...

Hey B-Sol,

My daughter is still at a My pet monster/monster squad level (she is just a wee one, 3 years old) but my house is full of horror movie posters, tortured souls action figures, skulls and trinkets most would find macabre. Hell, I draw zombie teaddy bears for a living so yea, she is around horror alot. I know prenting is a touchy topic, and I don't force her to be around anything she finds uncomfortable, but fear and nightmares come from the unknown, I would rather expose her to things and discuss them, rather than hide her from the world. She walked in on me watching the classic Frankenstien and said "he's not scary daddy, just different" that warmed my heart in so many ways. But I will certainly give it a watch.

Later days,
Christopher Zenga

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