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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Burton Alice in Wonderland Production Art Revealed!

Anyone wondering why Alice in Wonderland is being covered on a horror blog has clearly never read Lewis Carroll's original book. And they most certainly have not seen any of the recent images from Tim Burton's 2010 film adaptation that have been wowing fans on the internet.

And now, I've stumbled across some breathtaking production art for the promising-looking picture, posted on a French blog called The Art of Disney Animation. Judging by all the sweet art on this site, it seems like it's run by someone who actually works at Disney (does anyone in the House of Mouse know about this guy??).

Check it out:

That Rabbit looks like a dressed-up refugee from Watership Down. Which is a good thing. And how about those giant, grotesque Tweedle brothers?

For even more of the production art, in much larger, high-res versions, check out the original site.


Marianne said...

Thanks for the link.

I've always found Disney concept art to be far more interesting than the films themselves!

They tend to have a lot of groovy, mid-century graphic art style to them.

B-Sol said...

Exactly--before the Disney corporate marketing machine gets a hold of it and waters it down!

Ms Harker said...

Lets hope Burton stands his ground and maintains his usual brilliance!


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