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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Vault of Horror Nabs An Interview with Jewel Shepard

Hey there Vault Dwellers! It's BJ-C of Day of the Woman here with some great news B-Sol just informed me of. Normally he'd be delighted to post it himself, but he's doing the whole responsible parent thing and taking care of Skeleton Jack at the arcade. So I am here to deliver the good news! I'm like the Angel Gabriel....but not.

One of B-Sol's readers got him in touch with Jewel Shepard (aka blue haired Mohawk punk from Return of the Living Dead)on Facebook. From what he's told me, she was super cool and agreed to do an interview with him on Monday.


I did some Facebook creeping myself and let me tell you, mama aged VERY nicely. She is a straight up FOX. B-Sol whole heartedly agrees :) Which is ironic concidering his infatuation with Linnea Quigley...I'm sure she'll forgive him.


Unknown said...

I look forward to it. Unlike the Hollywood mainstream types, people like Jewel are usually real. I'm pleased to say I'm one of her facebook friends. She is definitely real, very intelligent, and quite cheeky!

B-Sol said...

And thank you, Lily, for being the one to point me in Jewel's direction!

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