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Friday, August 21, 2009

Announcing the Winner of the Cursed Mountain Giveaway!

I want to thank all of you who sent in contest entries for the Cursed Mountain giveaway, I received more than I even imagined I would. As you may recall, the contest called for readers to send in a paragraph naming the horror movie that first made them a fan of the genre, and why. It was a difficult decision, but a decision has indeed been made. And the winner of the contest, who will receive a free copy of Deep Silver's brand-new survival horror game for the Nintendo Wii, is Jeanetta Adkins of Ashland, Kentucky.

Here's what Jeanetta sent in to the VoH:

The first movie I saw that got me interested in seeing more "scary" movies was The Green Slime, at the drive-in with my parents. I was supposed to be sleeping in the back seat, had my pj's on and everything. But of course, I made sure I was propped up enough to see the action as much as possible. The aliens seemed SO scary to me back then! I remember seeing it as an adult for the first time within the last 10 years, and being amazed at how much scarier my memory was than the real movie itself is. But I still love it and am still a faithful viewer of everything horror/sci-fi to come out in theaters, and have done my best to raise my new 21 year-old daughter [?] with a love of the genres.

Congratulations Jeanetta--and thanks go out to you and everyone else who took the time out to send in an entry. Hopefully there will be more VoH giveaways like this to come, and more chances for you guys to win stuff. In the meantime, you can learn more about Cursed Mountain here, and be looking for it on sale everywhere next Tuesday.

1 comment:

Jeanetta Adkins said...

Thanks!! Just thinking about that memory made me smile, and gave me the urge to watch the movie again!

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