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Sunday, August 30, 2009

TRAILER TRASH: The Fly Edition!


Pax Romano said...

Love me some Seth Brundle. Was not that impressed with the sequel - the original Vincent Price film is still the best, IMHO

Doruk said...

I am pretty sure me and my wife were not alone to see some parallels between The Fly (remake) and some recent well-received science fiction movie.

Matt-suzaka said...

Cronenberg's The Fly is a masterpiece and one of my all time favorites. Thanks for posting those!

B-Sol said...

I've really learned to appreciate the original more and more over the years.

Ann Driscoll said...

The Fly has one of the best screenplays ever written and is a true tragic love story as well as gruesome and terrifying horror tale.

check out "insect politics- a brief musical tribute to Brundlefly"


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