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Monday, August 3, 2009

VAULT EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jewel Shepard, ROTLD's "Casey"!!

If any of you were operating under the misguided notion that this was a family blog, prepare to have your notions torn asunder after listening to my most... unorthodox interview with a very unorthodox lady, the one and only Jewel Shepard, known to most fans as Casey ("Fuck off and die!") from Return of the Living Dead. Jewel is certainly one of a kind, and this is one Vaultcast you don't want to miss!

Listen in rapt attention as an awkwardly giggling B-Sol shoots the shit with Ms. Shepard about naked grocery shopping, stripping for Dan O'Bannon, and her sapphic Facebook exploits. Oh yeah, we also talked about our mutual need to escape Brooklyn, being offered the part of Trash (!), and her fan mail correspondence with the Unabomber. So take a listen below, won't you? Or, if you'd prefer to listen later, download it at the Vaulcast page!

When you're done, be sure to check out Jewel's very interesting YouTube page!

Special thanks to Vault Dweller Lily Strange for putting me in touch with Jewel!!


Unknown said...

You're welcome! Thanks for the shout out. :-)
I'll have to listen late tonight while at work--my computer doesn't have a sound card yet. Plus I'm too tech-tarded to install one anyway. Bah...

B-Sol said...

You have some very interesting late-night listening ahead of you, Lily!

Johnny said...

GREAT interview. This is one of the many reasons why you're one of the best in the horror blogging business, B-Sol!

B-Sol said...

Thank you, sir--and you're no slouch, yourself. Ah, if only this were a business--then I wouldn't have to worry about a pesky day job!

Johnny said...

I hear ya on that!

BJ Colangelo said...


newest obsession.

and you are by far the best in the biz my friend. so glad you're my mentor.

Unknown said...

That was amazing! I enjoyed spending a half hour of my time with two very interesting folks. :-)
In my younger days I was kind of a combination of "Tina" and "Casey." I was a nice girl with a bit of a snarky attitude who loved to party. Now I'm just a crabby old woman who would love to shout at those goddamn kids jumping on the trampoline at noon to keep it the feck down because I'm trying to sleep, durn ye!
And I make a solemn promise that I will never go to Costco nude. I may be evil in many ways, but too many sanities would be scarred were I to do that!
I look forward to future interviews too.

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