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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ms. Horror Blogosphere: Entry #10

Blogger: BJ-C
Blog: Day of the Woman

There's a girl I know who is trained in opera, a world champion baton twirler, an English and Theatre major, a published author, a beauty pageant winner, a volunteer at domestic violence shelters, the director of an annual Halloween tri-city food drive, is only 19 years old, and has a hunger for all things spooky and gruesome. I guess you could say I'm something of a contradiction. I've never fully fit the mold of anything, and that's something I take great pride in. I'm one of the youngest horror bloggers out there, but I like to think I can hold my own with the best of them. Mainly because, regardless of my age, I'm a raging fangirl at heart, and that's what really matters. Outside of my sarcastic commentary on DotW, I am now a writer for Horror Society and Bloody-Disgusting.

Are significant others generally freaked out or psyched by your horror proclivities?
I’ve yet to find a boyfriend who shares my hunger for horror! I wouldn’t say that they’re freaked out, but it does raise a few eyebrows when we go to Blockbuster and I go straight for the horror section and completely blow past anything starring Kate Hudson or Jennifer Garner. All the guys I date put up with my nerdy fangirl obsession, but none of them have ever shared it… Now you know why I’m single!

How would you best describe your blog?
I intertwine wit, sass, femininity, intelligence and a teaspoon of sarcasm for good measure. The horror industry is totally male-dominated, from its directors to its slashers, and even its bloggers... and I think that needs to change. My lifetime obsession with horror has turned me into one of the coolest fangirls you're likely to meet.

How does it feel to be a female horror blogger in a world where it seems necessary to have a beard to write about horror movies? Do you find that you’re not taken as seriously?
You forgot how all us horror women wear black-rimmed glasses! It’s not a matter of not being taken as seriously, it’s a matter of having to fight twice as hard to be taken seriously. I’ve had people write on their own blogs about posts I've done, only to be flooded with comments like, “Since when are women allowed to talk about horror anyway?” I feel that while my blog may be more respected than some of the more prominent male bloggers, I know I had to fight twice as hard to get there.

Is image more important for female horror bloggers than male? If so, why?
I wish I could say no, but then I’d be lying. I don’t know how many male bloggers are flooded with emails asking them to do their vlogs topless. Sex sells, and people do like to look at something pretty or have a visual idea of where this voice is coming from. This doesn’t mean you can get away with not knowing what you're talking about just because you're totally slamming. But it doesn't hurt if you have both covered.

If you could have the baby of one figure in the world of horror, real or fictional, who would it be? Not including Bruce Campbell/Ash…
George A. Romero. I think he’s seriously the most adorable man on the planet. He’s like your friend’s grandfather, the one who looks super old but would grab your ass if you walked past, and has no problem telling you crazy stories about back in his time. I've always wanted my child to get three things for their third birthday: Piano lessons, tap shoes and a copy of Night of the Living Dead. And I don't think he'd have a problem with that.

Why do all of you like Campbell so much, anyway?
Bruce Campbell is the PERFECT man. His body makes my knees weak, he’s charming, he’s intelligent, he makes me tingly, and he would kill for me. I have absolutely no shame in admitting I had a poster of him on my ceiling at age 12.


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

You're definitely a cool fan girl!

BJ Colangelo said...

Aww thankyou :)

CSY said...

So how can we vote to make sure she/you win(s)? I LOVE her/you...whatever! I want my daughter to be JUST like you/her...whatever!

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