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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ms. Horror Blogosphere: Entry #8

Blogger: Nos
Blog: Confessions of a Gore Whore

I've been working in front of and behind the camera since the tender age of 18. It all started with an internship with Wicked Pixel Cinema. Since then, I've gone on to be a writer, producer, director and production designer! I also act/model regularly... so the first thing that can be said about me is that I'm a bit of a workaholic.
Horror has pretty much saved my life. Without getting into too much of a pity party; I suffered my fair share of childhood trauma. Growing up, I didn't have many outlets for my anger. G.G. Allin, The Ramones, horror and exploitation got me through all of it. None of the movies ever seemed "shocking" to me, it just felt like a release. Finally I was seeing on screen what I was feeling on the inside. Films like Nekromantik, Psycho, Ms. 45, Driller Killer, The Wolf Man, Halloween, An American Werewolf in London, etc., are so ugly/beautiful they still make me cry.

Are significant others generally freaked out or psyched by your horror proclivities?
I would never be in a relationship with someone who would be freaked out. That's so stupid... They're just fucking movies. Chill.

Why is it that there seems to be more female horror fans than ever before? Are more women watching horror, or are more women admitting to watching horror?
I feel women have always been more into horror. It's just that most studios and magazines are run by men. A lot of men in the "baby boomer" generation just assume that women are fragile creatures and therefore don't like horror films. So all the marketing used to be directed only towards other men. The same goes for porn, too.
I think it's only been in the last five years that some companies have opened there eyes and realized "Hey wait a minute .. WOMEN like this stuff too! Let's market it to them!" Also, with this new invention of the "internet" women are given more of chance to speak their minds on the subject of horror with their own blogs and websites dedicated to it. There have ALWAYS been 'zines run by women celebrating horror, but the web gives us a bigger audience. I think websites like www.Pretty-Scary.net have made a really big impact on the way people see women in horror--as watchers AND participators!

How does it feel to be a female horror blogger in a world where it seems necessary to have a beard to write about horror movies? Do you find that you’re not taken as seriously?
I think there are some "old school" writers out there that can't get down with the female perspective. And that's their own loss. I think most people are sick of the mono opinions of said writers. Personally, I've had a great response from the horror community and as long as I'm reaching them, that's all that matters.

Is image more important for female horror bloggers than male? If so, why?
Image is always more important for females, no matter what field you're in. I'm not saying that's fair, but it's the truth. As a woman, you're always held to a different standard than men. More is expected of you.You can sit there and be pissed about it, or you can learn to use to your advantage.

Bang, Marry or Kill: Freddy, Jason, Michael. Please explain your answer.
Bang Freddy 'cause he's the hottest. Marry Michael because he doesn't talk. Kill Jason because that's what he really wants.

If you could have the baby of one figure in the world of horror, real or fictional, who would it be?
Eli Roth, 'cause it looks like he'd make the cutest babies, and I want a cute baby. Not one of those FAKE cute babies that only the mother finds adorable.


DM said...

Love your comment about horror marketing. You are so very right in that it, for the longest time, has been directed toward men. I guess I just it for granted, and I never really thought about it.

Anonymous said...

B-Sol, you absolutely rock for doing this and your innovation in horror blogging never ceases to amaze me.

NOS, right on with the horror marketing bit. Very much the same way the heavy metal community is. A perceived boys club, women have just as much influence, passion and creativity as the boys. Keep on rockin'.

B-Movie Becky said...

Great point about the female image. It's obvious that we, women, are met with different expectations in the media and in everyday exchanges. However, as you mentioned, it can have its advantages.

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