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Monday, December 17, 2007

Box Office Legend

I don't usually like to go ga-ga over box office news (I'm more the high-minded aesthetic type...) but it's worth a mention that Will Smith's I Am Legend raked in an astronomical $76.5 million over the weekend. It's the biggest December opener of all time, topping 2003's The Return of the King. Critical and fan opinion may be divided on the flick, but it is nice to see a horror piece at the top of the heap in such a big way. For those who couldn't get out to the theater, you can check out the opening scene of the movie right here. By the way, in case you were wondering, that is a shot of one of the vampires in the film. Hmmm.....


Thanks to all who voted in the '80s horror icon poll. The Vault of Horror would like to congratulate the one and only Jason Voorhees, who trounced the competition with 37% of the vote. Fellow stalker Michael Myers trailed in second with 24%, followed by the incomparable Pinhead with 20%. And in a shocker, poor Freddy Kreuger--who would've gotten my vote--floundered in last place with a mere 18%. Be sure to vote in the new poll, which continues the theme, as you can see.
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