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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day of the Dead Remake Goes Straight to DVD

The long-plagued and much-maligned Steve Miner-helmed Day of the Dead has officially been shuffled off to the direct-to-video ghetto. It was originally slated for a February theatrical release, but word got out last summer that some reshooting had been called for--never a good sign. And now, predictably, it has been announced on Bloody-Disgusting that the Romero remake will no longer be hitting the big screen at all, but will instead come out on DVD April 8.
Although Miner has quite the background in horror (Friday the 13th II & III, House, Warlock, Halloween H20, Lake Placid), I've heard nothing but bad things about this one. Although I must admit, I am slightly interested in seeing Ving Rhames' portrayal of the deranged Capt. Rhodes.
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