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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bring Some Vampires Home this February

According to Sony Home Entertainment, last fall's vampire chiller 30 Days of Night will be available on both DVD and Blu-Ray come February 19. Adapted from the award-winning Steve Niles comic book series of the same name, 30 Days took in $50 million in theaters--a halfway decent showing for an R-rated horror flick.
With both this and the theatrical release of Diary of the Dead hitting around Valentine's Day, it looks like there'll be no shortage of excuses to cling tightly to your significant other!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I missed this one in the theater. At least the dvd release isn't too far off, so I can finally check it out.

Jo said...

I really enjoyed 30 Days in threater, so hopefully they have some nice extras on the dvd.

And would Diary just hurry up already, I'm getting impatient! ;)

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