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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Saw to Drag on for Yet Another Halloween...

Pardon me for being less than enthused at the recent announcement that Saw V will indeed be coming out next Halloween. Rumors had abounded that Lionsgate might be taking a year off to let the franchise rest, but alas, that is not the case.
Bloody-Disgusting got this exclusive comment from new director David Hackl:
"You have to realize that I am probably one of the biggest Saw fans out there. My team and I are the ones who have had the awesome task of designing and building the Saw traps since Saw II. So now I'm about to helm Saw V. I'm as psyched as anyone could be. You can let the fans know that they won't be let down or I will have let myself down. Jigsaw might be dead but that would never stop him and it certainly won't stop me...My work has just begun."

I suppose this series has its fans, and judging by the performance of Saw IV, it does have legs in the box office department. As far as quality? My take: The first one was brilliant. The second, a derivative slasher copycat. The third, a repulsive torture porn knock-off. The fourth, somewhat of a return to form, but too confusing to be truly satisfying. Oh well, I'll still go and see it, I suppose.

1 comment:

Mr. Karswell said...

Ugh... yeah, and just like the last four SAW films, even news about a new SAW movie holds very few surprises.

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