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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hollywood Vamp vs. Real Vamp

After first being announced in the New York Post back in May, Hilary Swank's vampire vehicle Fangland looks to finally be moving forward, according to Bloody-Disgusting. A co-production of Das Films and Blumhouse Productions along with Swank herself, and adapted from the novel by former 60 Minutes producer John Marks, Fangland tells the story of TV reporter Evangeline Harker (to be played by Swank) who travels to Romania to investigate a notorious arms dealer, only to discover that, yes, he is also a powerful vampire.
Though I've never read the book, I'm assuming it's some sort of modern take on Stoker's Dracula. Thankfully, the finished script was submitted just before the strike hit. With gorgeous Oscar-winner Swank on board, this should help bring even more mainstream attention to the horror genre in the coming year.
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