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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Raimi Returns to His Roots

After helming three mega-huge Spider-Man movies in a row, Sam Raimi will officially be going back to the genre that first put him on the map. That's right, Variety reported yesterday that Mr. Raimi's next project will be a low-budget flick called Drag Me to Hell (IMdb still lists Jeffrey Lynch as the director), to be financed via his Ghost House production company.
Sam and his brother Ivan penned the screenplay shortly after collaborating on 1993's Army of Darkness, the last of the famed Evil Dead trilogy that made Raimi a god to horror fans. Drag Me to Hell is reported to be a "morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse."
Raimi has produced several horror films in recent years through Ghost House, including The Grudge, Boogeyman, The Messengers and 30 Days of Night. Ghost House will also be producing a remake of Raimi's seminal 1981 masterpiece, The Evil Dead.


Garg Unzola said...

Great news!
The Spiderman franchise was a bit lacking in my books, maybe Riami has enough $$$ to make horror movies the way he likes it without studio interference now.

B-Sol said...

I hope so. One thing that concerns me a bit is talk of greatly toning down the violence. We'll see.

Karl Hungus said...

I have to say, great blog.

B-Sol said...

Thank you sir, much appreciated!

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