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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Legendary Horror Icon Knighted

He's been a German U-boat captain, an evil wizard, a Galactic separatist, a Bond villain, and most famously, the lord of all vampires. And now the great Christopher Lee, Hammer's Count Dracula himself, is also a knight. According to Reuters, the 87-year-old Lee was knighted today by Queen Elizabeth as part of the queen's Birthday Honours List.

Holding the distinction of having appeared on screen more times as Dracula than any other actor in history, Sir Christopher Lee (I like the sound of that!) also recently gained a strong, new following thanks to his roles as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Count Dooku in Star Wars Episodes II and III. Long consigned to B-movie actor status, Lee can now proudly take his place among other English thespians who have attained the same accolade, including Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins and Ian Holm.

Congratulations to Sir Christopher Lee, one of the all-time horror luminaries!


Ms Harker said...

We here in the colonies say 'Jolly Good Show' and could we get some more rum?

B-Sol said...

There's always room for more rum :-)

gord said...

Awesome news!

One of the few who I'll watch in anything.

Anonymous said...

None more deserving!

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