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Saturday, June 27, 2009

VAULT VLOG: The Horrors... of the Transformers


RayRay said...

I was also disappointed with the first Transformers. I have all of the same complaints: I did not like the human characters and thought too much time was spent on them; I thought the robots themselves were overly complicated; I hated the super upclose shots in every fight scene; and it dragged with superfluous storyline.

I am a big fan of the whole "fighting robots" thing. I loved Robotech and Voltron, and I still love Battletech. There is nary a mech I don't love.

Yet the Tranformers left me feeling dissatisfied. Couldn't they just let the robtots from outer space duke it out? And film it from a little distance so we can see it?

Anonymous said...

I really hate to do this here. But, I believe the first Tranformers left a bad taste in your mouth because you were distracted during that movie. I really don't know how well you paid attention to it and you lost the focus of the movie. I believe you even had to get up and leave at one point. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but, you did at a later date try to re-watch the film (kudos). I will have to say b/c you first go into a movie and it's a bad experience and not b/c of the movie itself, it will always leave a bad taste in your mouth. So for you to give a review on the second one, I think is WRONG!

B-Sol said...

That's quite a memory you have there :-)

Yes, that does sum up my experience of first watching the original. And yes, I did go back and try to see it again, but found a lot of the same problems with it. Maybe my experience was clouded, this could be true. That's partly why I was hoping for more out of the sequel. But if anything, I thought it was even worse :-( The initial problems were only magnified.

Oh well, I'm still looking forward to G.I. Joe and Voltron!!

RayRay said...

For the sake of argument, good movies do not lend themselves to distraction. For example, though not horror, The Dark Knight is a movie where you cannot get up to pee. That's because you cannot be distracted.


Well B-Sol at least your 'Take One For The Team' movie was TRANSFORMERS 2. My daughter begged me to take her to see ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS.

So of course I did and if not for seeing my daughter have the time of her life I might have smashed my head against the seat in front of me so sweet oblivion could take me away.

And yes maybe I am old but this new fast cut style of doing action sequences knocks me right out of the movie.

Great VLOG, you have a very good speaking style and I enjoy the way you told the story of your journey into the heart of Bayness.

B-Sol said...

Thanks Al, yes, "taking one for the team" is the best way to describe it. And for the record, I ALSO had to sit thru the Chipmunks as well.

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