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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Night of the Creeps, Part 2?

Just a quick, yet interesting tidbit to report tonight. Austin's awesome Alamo Drafthouse hosted a screening of the 1986 cult classic Night of the Creeps on Saturday, and Ain't It Cool News is reporting something very intriguing in an offhand remark. Apparently, during the post-movie Q&A with fan fave writer/director Fred Dekker, an intrepid audience member boldly asked if a sequel would ever be possible. And the answer was better than he probably expected to hear.

According to AICN, Dekker polled the enthusiastic crowd as to whether they would like to see a sequel, with the original cast returning. Naturally, a round of raucous applause ensued. He then dropped the little chestnut that he has in fact been working on some concepts for a possible sequel.

This would certainly be great news for lovers of one of the '80s most beloved horror comedies. Let's all keep our fingers crossed on this one. It may be a longshot, but you never know. Let's hope Dekker will eventually get the opportunity to "Thrill Me!"


Tower Farm said...

A sequel to NIGHT OF THE CREEPS kind of already exists in the much more popular movie, SLITHER.

I mean, I really liked SLITHER, but it almost constitutes are remake...


Will said...

I loved Night of the Creeps when I was younger. I'm surprised they would go the way of sequel these days and not just remake it. That can only be a good thing really as the remake always hurts more than helps.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! One of my all-time favorite horror movies. And I'm glad its a sequel, NOT a remake.

Peter said...

I was actually at that screening and my favorite tid bit of the Q&A that no one else seems to care about is that Fred Dekker is writing the remake of CLIFFHANGER. Obviously no one really wants a remake of CLIFFHANGER, but Dekker involved promises things to be a riot.

Oh, and when asked why he does so many horror movies, Tom Atkins replied along the lines of, "This is a job and they are the only ones who will pay me." Sadface.

B-Sol said...

Despite all the excitement, I do have to say that it seems unlikely this will actually happen. Seems more like wishful thinking on the part of Dekker, but you never know.

Tower Farm said...

Peter-- What do you mean no one wants a remake of CLIFFHANGER. I watch that movie at least once a month! I would love a remake!!


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