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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watch Two Minutes of True Blood Season 2 Goodness!!

As you may have already been able to ascertain from the nifty new gadget at the top of the sidebar, I'm in full True Blood anticipation mode. The second season kicks off Sunday night, and HBO is not letting us fans down, dropping exclusive content on a regular basis online--just enough to keep our collective appetites whetted.

And so, tonight I bring you this tantalizing tidbit that just hit the web, a special sneak peek at Season Two. Looks like it has a lot to do with the new shape-shifter story arc that was introduced at the end of the first season, which I have some mixed feelings about. But still and all, this looks mighty cool. Sunday can't come soon enough. Whether you've been on board from the beginning, or just now getting on the bandwagon, I encourage all vampire lovers (with premium cable) to tune in. Enjoy!

1 comment:

scary clips said...

I didnt think I would like this series, but I do!

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