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Friday, June 26, 2009

Orphan: The Return of Killer Kids!

Hello there Vault Dwellers, it's BJ-C here of Day of the Woman filling in for B-Sol as he does the dad thing and takes the little one to see Transformers 2. Fingers crossed we get a post about that experience! A while back, B-Sol and I compiled a list for BD about the 16 Creepiest Kids In Horror Flicks. As I look back on this list, all of the "newer" killer kids were little bit parts that weren't major parts of the film. Aside from the awesome new film The Children we haven't been given TOO much as far as terrifying tykes are considered.

Of course there are exceptions, so don't think I'm "leaving out such and such" I promise, I know it exists...anyway. I love a good psycho Sally as much as the next person, and let me just tell you...I can't WAIT for Orphan to come out. This little girl looks like she could be the next Rhoda Penmark. Hell, that face is petrifying. Damien Thorn's icy glare used to get me, but you could tell he was glaring. This girl...she looks like she's looking into my soul. The actress playing this freaky daughter is Isabelle Fuhrman; who's also going to be in the new Children of the Corn flick...clearly this chick knows what she's doing. There is something wrong with Esther...and I really want to find out what. I've included the trailer, be prepared to feel really creeped out...and excited!


B-Sol said...

Thanks for the assist partner, I'm intrigued by this flick as well. I think it's gonna be a sleeper summer hit.

And judging by how "horrific" Transformers 2 was, I'd say it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to write about it on this blog. :-\

Ms Harker said...

There is something very wrong with Esther, its not just the ridiculous ribbon/collar she seems to be consistently wearing. Seriously though, this does look like it has some promise and the actress is definitely good at the 'creepy kid' thing.


BJ Colangelo said...

That ribbon makes me think of that scary story where the woman wore the ribbon around her neck to keep her head attached...idk.

B-Sol said...

Oh wow, what a flashback... I was OBSESSED with that story as a kid.

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