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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Quarter-Century of Krueger: What We Know About the Remake

There's so point in ignoring it. It's happening. A Nightmare on Elm Street is being remade. Just a few months after the end of the original's 25th anniversary, a newly "re-imagined" version of everyone's favorite surreal slasher pic will be hitting theaters. We can either embrace it or reject, and I choose the former. While I quibble with certain things--I much prefer Freddy's stylized look to the new, more realistic burn victim look--overall I'm excited. I think it's going to be a cut above the majority of horror remakes, a new take on a great idea. Basically, I'm keeping an open mind, and most of what I've seen makes me hopeful.

In anticipation of the remake, here in QCK this week I've culled more known info about the new flick than you can shake a razor-fingered glove at. So don't let my hard work go to waste, take a look:

  • As most of us know by now, Freddy will be played by Jackie Earle "Rorschach" Haley--who incidentally tried out for the role of Glen in 1983.
  • Nancy Thompson will be played by relative unknown Rooney Mara.
  • Nancy's boozer mom Marge will be played by Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights.
  • Aside from Nancy, it's looking like the rest of the teen crew will be a different bunch of kids. No Tina, Rod or Glen to be found. Weird.
  • Also not on the character roster is Lt. Don Thompson. Understandable, since if we're all completely honest with ourselves, we know deep down that no one can fill John Saxon's shoes.
  • Director Samuel Bayer is a music video director making his feature film debut (wait a minute, do I want to retract my optimism?)
  • He's using another video guy as cinematographer, one Jeff Cutter. In the plus column, he also shot Orphan.
  • The film is being made by Michael Bay and Brad Fuller's Platinum Dunes company, responsible for a slew of recent horror remakes including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Amityville Horror.
  • Steve Jablonsky, composer for The Transformers and several previous Platinum Dunes projects, will be supplying the score. No word on whether he'll be incorporating the original's iconic theme.
  • Some filming took place in the abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana.
  • The Krueger character will be more serious in tone, with little dialogue. His appearance will NOT be rendered with digital effects.
  • The release date is April 30.
  • The trailer can be viewed here. Personally, I'm impressed.


Pax Romano said...


So far every remake of every one of the 80's horror films has been a let down. I don't begrudge these guys trying to make a buck, good for them, but maybe the could try their collective hand at something original next time.

B-Sol said...

I will say I enjoyed the remakes of two other Craven goodies, Last House and Hills Have Eyes. Normally I can't take these remakes, and do favor coming up with new ideas. However, since it isn't going away, I'm givin it a chance, and I do like what I see so far.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not happy that the film is being remade, you are right, we have no choice. But there is one thing I am looking forward to--Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy.

Bill said...

I'm trying to go in with an open mind as well. The one thing that doesn't sit well with me (and the same goes for other recent Platinum Dunes slasher remakes) is the ultra-beautiful cast. In the classic slashers, the protagonists/victims were average people we could relate to. Now they're ultra-glamorized to the point where my high school cheerleading squad looks like plain janes by comparison.

B-Sol said...

Bill, I agree. But that seems to be the way of so much in our culture! Even game show contestants these days look like they found them on a movie backlot or something!

the jaded viewer said...

Platinum Dunes pretends to be our friend who likes horror but when you actually get to know them and see what they put out...they end up like guidos from the Jersey Shore.

B-Sol said...

Oooh...good analogy, Jaded.

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