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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hey there Vault Dwellers, It's Ms. BJ-C of Day of the Woman filling in for an equally internet challenged B-Sol to bring you some random ramblings from DotW & The Vault of Horror.

Dear After Dark's "FILMS TO DIE FOR", stop disguising such God awful films in such great dvd cover art. 90% of your films suck out loud and I'm tired of falling for your Tom Foolery. In case you have no idea what I'm referring to, please check the photo to the left.

The Saw franchise should never be seen with commercial breaks. SyFy played the first three films on TV yesterday and I firmly believe that the commercial breaks completely ruined the films for those who watched them with me. You get to an extremely suspenseful part only to be disturbed by Sarah McLaughlin singing about abused animals...way to kill the mood. I now remember why I don't watch horror films on TV.

For those of you who aren't communists and have seen A Christmas Story, I'm pretty sure you can all agree that out of all the characters that freak you out, (Scut Farkus, Santa Claus, etc.) the "I like the Wizard of Oz" kid is the creepiest character in a Christmas movie ever. AND HE'S ONLY ON SCREEN FOR LIKE 30 SECONDS. However, I'm pretty sure that Scut Farkus gives Malachai from Children of the Corn a run for his money on being the most horrifying elementary school ginger kid.

I totally missed the boat when it comes to Christmas present preparation this year. Turns out, ThinkGeek has Zombie wrapping paper. At least I'll be better prepared for all of the future holidays and birthdays.

The television stations are trying to profit off of the death of Dan O'Bannon. This week I have seen Alien, Aliens, Total Recall, and Return of the Living Dead all on public television. Coincidence? I think not. As much as I'm glad to see these films on TV, I'm mildly disgusted. If it was presented as a tribute to him, I think I'd be a little bit better with it. I think they're just trying to get ratings out of mourning nerds. Here's hoping that I'm wrong.

I must agree whole heartedly with Andre Dumas of The Horror Digest...Ice Cream Man IS Clint Howard's second best role behind Beethoven's 5th. I may say that "Nipples" from Little Nicky is a close 3rd.

This past Christmas while most people were watching Elf, or It's a Wonderful Life, or things of the sort...I was watching Fido with a 6 year old. She went through my DVDs and she picked it. This child is my mini-me and LOVED the movie; and unlike some people I know *cough*B-Sol*cough* I didn't cover here eyes once :D


Andre Dumas said...

Hehehehe : ) Thank you and that reminds me I need to get in a viewing of Beethoven's 5th before the New Year!

Rhonny Reaper said...

"Nipples" from Little Nicky...I freaking LOVE that movie!!! I must go watch it again now...

Zachary Kelley said...

As a Clint-o-phile I have to disagree, his roles in Eat My Dust, Grand Theft Auto and his one shot on Star Trek as Balok in the episode The Corbomite Maneuver are all better than Beethoven's 5th and especially *shudder* Little Nicky.

B-Sol said...

I was gonna mention the young Clint Howard on Star Trek--so damn creepy.
Thanks for the assist, BJ. And I did NOT cover my eyes during Fido.....

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