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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lose the Swine Flu Blues with FEARnet's Free "Infectious Films"

It's my distinct pleasure to announce that The Vault of Horror is now an affiliate of FEARnet.com, the web's #1 entertainment site devoted to horror, suspense and thrillers, named by PC Magazine as one "The 15 Best Websites for Movie Fans." This is indeed a very cool development for me, as I've been a longtime reader of FEARnet.com, and a member since 2006, when I was first introduced to it by a fellow horror aficionado. Thanks to this new relationship, The Vault will be able to bring you exclusive news, video, goodies, etc. courtesy of FEARnet on a regular basis.

And to kick things off, here's a special look at the latest batch of free movies FEARnet.com will be presenting next month. In response to the recent media overdose of swine flu coverage, the site has put together what they're calling "Infectious Films"--a collection of favorites focusing on the concept of creepy viruses. Perhaps not in the best taste, but this is horror people, if you want taste, go watch Oxygen or some crap.

Here's what they've got in store starting Wednesday, June 3:

Dance of the Dead A recent fave of mine, about a bunch of high school geeks who must band together when all the cool kids get turned into zombies. And how can you not like a movie with a Pat Benatar cover?

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Milla Jovovich kicks zombie ass in this RE sequel, making its web premiere.

Night of the Creeps One of the original zombie comedies, featuring Tom "Thrill Me" Atkins.

Infection (a.k.a. Kansen) An unsettling piece of J-horror about a disease that liquifies muscles and organs. Yummy.

C.H.U.D. II A so-bad-its-good sequel to the '80s cult classic, featuring the guy who played the rebellious douchebag on Head of the Class.

Days of Darkness A goofy 2007 zom-com about a comet that turns the whole human race into flesh-hungry ghouls. Kind of like Night of the Comet, except.... hmmm, wait... actually, it's exactly like Night of the Comet.

FEARnet.com will be streaming these germ-ridden flicks for free, 24/7, starting June 3.


Soap Magic said...

Congratulations, B-Sol! I'm looking forward to watching Infection. :)

B-Sol said...

Thanks dude!

Christopher Zenga said...

Congrats B,

FEAR.net is a wonderful site and they are lucky to have you.

Later days
Christopher Zenga

monsterscholar said...

Congrats Sol!
My favorite epidemic film (not horror though) was Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman.
Freaking infectious monkeys!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS :) I guess I can pat myself on the back for introducing the site to you. But, it was your hard work and dedication that has brought the VOH & FEAR.net together, and to that we can both make a toast!

Justin B. said...

This is awesome! Not only your affiliation with FEARnet, but the fact that they're showing NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Streaming 24/7? I guess I'll be WATCHING 24/7.

Also, glad to hear you're a fan of Dance of the Dead. I LOVE that movie.

B-Sol said...

Two words: Zombie sex.

Anonymous said...

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