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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Even the Eclipse Director Hates Twilight!

“Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.”

Yep, the preceding was a tweet ejaculated upon the internets by one David Spade, way back last year, before the first Twilight movie was released. And... before Slade was announced as the director of the third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse.


Slashfilm is reporting that a panicked Slade abruptly deleted his Twitter account this week, most likely after the offending tweet was discovered. Supposedly, producers Summit Entertainment have lapped up Slade's line about the comments being "a joke", but are worried about the hardcore Twilight fans. I, too, am worried about the hardcore Twilight fans, but for entirely different reasons.

Despite recent radio appearances orchestrated to help dispel the rumors, it would appear that yes, the once-edgy director of Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night has sold out faster than Halo 3.


Ms Harker said...

This is classic! I was surprised he agreed in the first place! Way to back pedal... Although I must say that his treatment of 30 Days left me maudlin :(


Anonymous said...

RayRay - At the risk of potential verbal abuse, I have never read Twilight, etc., and therefore, I kinda feel bad s*#t talking it, as it lacks credibility. However, I have heard Twilight is about the worst thing in the known universe. That it is terrible writing, has no character development, and that it is a cross between an after-school special and teen romance, but with vampires. And that vampires "sparkle"
? Is this true? If so, that's pretty bad.

Look, I understand it is a vampire story for tween girls. And since tween girls ARE pop culture, this is very popular. But is it THAT bad? If so, please say yes.

It is just that there is an incredible amount of hatred and disgust for this series which I want to understand but can't because I haven't read them.

As for this director selling out, there is an old saying: Sell out early, it is less painful that way. The guy has to make a living, and unfortunately for him he had to Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Twilight, without a doubt, is absolutely fucking terrible. Its all my fiance thinks about (yes, a grown woman that is 26 who acts like she's 15).

I understand the romanticism inherent in all vampire movies. But these douchebags are NOT susceptible to sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water, etc. Its like the author completely took everything that made a vampire cool and vulnerable and shit on the entire mythos. Its been dumbed down to appeal to all the Hot Topic kids. Avoid it at all costs. Its turning a generation of girls into mindless idiots.

End of rant

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