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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More True Blood Season 2 Propoganda! Huzzah!

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed as of late, I'm mildly excited about the imminent return of True Blood on HBO in just 26 days. A massive buttload of new promo posters just hit the web earlier today on AccessHollywood.com, and I'm all over it. Above is the main one, but if you proceed to the link below you can see all the delicious other posters, each one centered on a specific character from the show.

If you haven't checked out True Blood, you might just have enough time to Netflix season 1 before June 14, so get to work! For anyone who had their psyches scarred by Twilight, True Blood is just what the doctor ordered...

First Look: ‘True Blood’ Season 2 | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos


monsterscholar said...

Twilight scarred me more than I care to say. I just did a piece on the bestialization of minorities in Meyer's sequel, New Moon.
Wow these posters are wonderful! Vampires have got their fangs back.

movie scary said...

I can't wait til this begins!

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