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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dream Casting the New Ghostbusters

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion now that Ghostbusters III is definitely going to happen. And the casting rumors have been flying fast and furious ever since news broke that the plot would revolve around the original boys in gray turning over the proton packs to a team of five newcomers.

Word on the street was that the Apatow players would be taking on the roles, meaning people like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. However, in an interview today with Ain't It Cool News, co-writer Egon Spengler himself, Mr. Harold Ramis, denied any and all casting rumors, saying, "No, none of that’s real. There will be young ghostbusters, but no specific casting is real."

With that mind, I thought I'd engage in a little mental masturbation and try and come up with my own ideal team of new ghostbusters--ruling out any of the Apatow crew or anyone else previously rumored. So here's who would be cleanin' up the town in Ghostbusters III if B-Sol had his way:

Vince Vaughn
In my mind, the star of Wedding Crashers would be the perfect successor to the "Peter Venkman" archetype, in that he can play goofball, but also has that quirky leading man quality to him. Close your eyes, and you can totally picture him in the jumpsuit, can't you?

Louis C.K.
I've been touting this guy as one of the most brilliant comic minds today, an inheritor to the George Carlin throne, if you ask me. His short-lived HBO series Lucky Louie wasn't given the chance it deserved, but proved that he is as funny a comic actor as he is a standup comic.

Andy Samberg
The young upstart of the group, who manages to somehow combine complete ridiculousness with a certain vibe of weird coolness in a way that none of the original ghostbusters quite did. He's today's "it" comedian, and would bring mucho bankability to the 25-year-old franchise. Hopefully, he'd find himself on a haunted boat, as well.

Adam Goldberg
And another very Jewish comic actor, in the grand tradition of the original lineup of clipped comedians. Goldberg would fit very nicely into the Ramis-esque brainy straight man role--and I'm not just saying that because we had lunch in the same Brooklyn deli the afternoon of my daughter's baby-naming luncheon.

Patrice O'Neal
In my estimation, the funniest damn comedian you've never heard of. And if you have, my apologies, you're a lot cooler than I gave you credit for. O'Neal brings a razor-sharp, infectious wit that would make him a whole lot more than "the token black ghostbuster".

That's five right there, but to address the suggestions made by Dan Akroyd that at least one of the new members would be female, I wracked my brain to select an additional member should they indeed choose to go that route....

Anna Faris
I've caught a lot of heat in the past because for the most part, I don't often find female comedians funny. Boo, hisss, I know. I think comedy is much stronger in the male genome. But my ingrained chauvinism aside, I will say that the single funniest comic actress working today is Ms. Faris, who has the potential to be this generation's Lucille Ball.

So... anyone important listening out there? Let's make it happen, people!


Anonymous said...

bjc-im cool with your choices. cept vince vaughn. but im also watching the psycho remake on AMC right now...maybe its making me bitter...

B-Sol said...

Yeah, I think it's definitely making you bitter lol. Remember, I'm thinking more the "Old School" Vince Vaughn than the "Psycho" Vince Vaughn. And why the hell would you watch the Psycho remake anyway??

Anthony Hogg said...

Not a bad list but...call me old-fashioned, I'd just prefer the original line-up.

This younger-generation-keeping-the-franchise-alive business reminds me of those rumours floating about that posited Shia LeBouf as Indiana Jones' replacement.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I say.

B-Sol said...

I think we all prefer the original lineup. No arguments there!

And Shia LeBarf as Indy's replacement would be worse than the Holocaust.

Phil W said...

Allow me to respond to your (nicely-reasoned, though I can't stand Andy Samberg) list with the one I've been touting for about a year now:

- Seth Green (attitude and snark factors)
- Sarah Silverman (hilariously bitchy factor - could be a great Egon replacement)
- Donnell Rawlings (fun factor)
- John DiMaggio (badass factor)

B-Sol said...

Oh man, I love your Sarah Silverman pick! WAY better than Anna Faris. However, I think they're going with cheesecake factor anyway...

BJ Colangelo said...

it was on! i was bored! i was tricked. i woke up to the soundtrack. ugh.

B-Sol said...

Ugh indeed. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Anna Faris, great choice (just friends - great movie). UGH I can't stand Sara Silverman, I don't find her funny at all. She tries to shock people by being a girl who swears alot and talks dirty, but not FUNNY!

B-Sol said...

"Forgiveness....is more than sayin' sorry..." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Judd Apatow's crew should not be involved, I think they are too overexposed a la Ben Stiller a few years back.

I'd love to see Ryan Reynolds (goofy and dreamy, all at the same time) and Jason Schwartzmann (precocious and a little weird).

Love your choice for Anna Faris. I'd throw in Jessica Biel but as more of a butt kicking, serious type.

B-Sol said...

Nice picks, they were all front-runners.

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