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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First TV Spot for SAW VI Hits...

Amazing. After dying at the end of the third damn movie, that pesky Jigsaw is still at it. Saw VI is inevitably plodding our way this Halloween, and now, the very first TV commercial for the film has hit the web. I don't know. I really loved the first one. Then it immediately lost me with the very first sequel. Now it's just ridiculous--can anyone tell the difference between the last two movies? They're all starting to blend together for me. I always make a point to see them in the movies out of sheer habit, but I think I'll finally be waiting for DVD on this one.

Anyway, check out the spot below, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting:


Stuart Conover said...

I was even able to enjoy the second one but the third one is where I felt it truly started to fall apart. I understand in horror movies the 'villain' gets killed.

For a franchise where the bad guy comes to you in dreams or is an immortal hockey mask wearing killing machine that's fine. A doll who has the soul of a killer transmitted into him? Again OK. The entire premise of these are fantasy so you can have them come back to life. When Jigsaw DIED there was absolutely no point to truly continue the series and unfortunately that won't stop them from doing so.

Maybe they can pull a Futurama and have an entire movie of Jigsaw's head in a jar telling Apprentice #3 how to setup his 'life lessons' for those who don't appreciate life? Actually I'd pay to see that one- Let's get the Futurama writers on board and we can do another 3 Saw movies as horror comedy flicks!

(...Zombie Jigsaw.. also an entertaining thought but would remove the 'challenges' that have sold it's following on continuing to watch the series.)

B-Sol said...

By the third, it just became "torture porn", whereas the original so completely wasn't! For me, the second was just a formulaic slasher flick, just without the actual slasher. But yeah, the third was definitely the turning point.

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