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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Motherlode of Horror Home Video!

Just a little heads up tonight for you adrenaline freaks out there, to let you know that last week and this week have unleashed upon us a rash of awe-inspiring horror releases on Blu-Ray and DVD the likes of which I've rarely seen. You just have to love the Halloween season.

Between this week and last, here's what you collectors and renters out there now have the ability to own and/or experience:

An American Werewolf in London (BLU)
Includes the excellent fan-made documentary Beware the Moon. And how about that awesome cover?!

Van Helsing (BLU)
Awful. But perhaps of interest to you Universal completists out there.

Army of Darkness (BLU)
This one's called the "Screwhead Edition". How could you not love that?

Phantasm II (DVD)
As astonishing as it may seem, this is the first time that this 1988 sequel has been released on DVD.

Misery (BLU)
The movie that made Kathy Bates a star, and reminded us all that James Caan was still alive.

Child's Play (BLU)
Just in time for the needless remake!

Grace (BLU)
Oddly enough, this one was not simultaneously released on DVD. Hope it's coming...

Deadgirl (DVD)
A limited release low-budget shocker that's well-worth seeking out. Trust me.

Shaun of the Dead (BLU)
Is there anything more that can be said about this one? A slice of fried gold. Get it.

Gojira (BLU)
I was delighted to see the original Japanese version get the deluxe DVD treatment a couple years, and now Blu-Ray. Rapture. I may just have to buy a player...


Wings1295 said...

Been too long since I have seen the Phantasm flicks.

Anonymous said...

Night of the Creeps next month. Woot woot!!

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