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Monday, September 28, 2009

TRAILER TRASH: Lucio Fulci Edition!


Crowdkiller said...
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Crowdkiller said...
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Crowdkiller said...

Yo B-sol loving the Vault of Horror visit your site everyday. I'm a big Fulci fan really enjoyed this edition of trailer trash. I was just wondering what your tastes are regarding music and if you like hip-hop at all and if so do you listen to Necro? I only ask because he samples a lot of the music from horror and exploitation films. Heres some of the music from Fulci's films he's used let me now what you think if you haven't already heard of this dude!




B-Sol said...

Thanks for the links Crowdkiller! I do like some hip-hop, but mostly old skool.

Crowdkiller said...

No worries, and by the way loved that Dawn Of The Dead commentary you did sat by my PC and listened to the whole thing as I know Dawn inside out really didn't need the visuals. As far as the debate goes I think you clearly put up the better argument and the other dude (sorry I forget who he was)was agreeing with your every point throughout and still at the end stuck to his guns about disliking Dawn. But he did give Dawn it's props, it's his loss really though because once you get hooked on that film it draws you in to that world more than any other film in the series and films in general IMHO. I recently watched the Argento cut and there are a few scenes of mostly dialogue that I hadn't seen before like the conversation leading up to the abortion discussion that I found riveting. It was so cool just to spend more time with these characters in this world for just a new few seconds!

Anyway Peace and keep up the good work.

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