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Monday, September 21, 2009

TRAILER TRASH: Ghosts Edition!

* Special thanks to Zombelina for this week's Trailer Trash theme!


KT Grant said...

What Lies Beneath was an awesome movie. Harrison Ford as a bad guy! heh.

Glo said...

Hi dudes!
Congratulations for this amazing blog!
I’m glad to inform u that we are opening a Hotel of Terror in Tenerife for this Halloween eve.
You can visit our scary page: www.halloweentenerife.com, this is not SPAM!!!! Haha
My blog is: http://marenostrumresort.blogspot.com If T may, I'm adding your blog into my blog-friends list!

See you in the darkness!

B-Sol said...

Yeah, Kate, who saw that coming? Ford is such a natural good guy.

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