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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Tuesday Top 10: Favorite Famous Monsters of Filmland Covers

I recently had the pleasure of rediscovering that great watershed publication of geek culture, Warren Publishing's Famous Monsters of Filmland. Basically, this mag, under the guidance of the one and only Forrest J. Ackerman, epitomized the "fun" approach to horror that I hold so dear to my heart. A large part of this was due to the vivid, amazing covers by brilliant artist Basil Gogos. Join me this week as I take a nostalgic trip through the FM archives to look at some of the most memorable....

10. #114 April 1975 (Godzilla/Rodan)

9. #99 January 1974 (The Wolf Man)

8. #225 Fall 1998 (Bride of Frankenstein)

7. #14 October 1961 (The Pit & The Pendulum)

6. #249 Fall 2008 (White Zombie)

5. #38 April 1966 (Curse of the Demon)

4. #16 March 1962 (Phantom of the Opera)

3. #109 June 1974 (Madhouse)

2. #9 November 1960 (London After Midnight)

1. #56 July 1969 (Death of Boris Karloff)


Wings1295 said...

Great collection!

Pierre Fournier said...

With respect, your #s 6 and 8 are just splotchy evocations of the Gogos style. Nobody could handle the color mix like he did. For The Bride, I refer you to FmoF #17.

Check out issues 9 to 12 and 14 to 17 for a stunning gallery of monster portraits, the best of the whole run, in my opinion.

RayRay said...

This post was worth it for the wonderful artwork.

Sam G said...

Basil Gogos is tops in my book. Just recently purchased "Famous Monster art by Basil Gogos". My all time fav is the #1 pick on this list.

B-Sol said...

Pierre, I can't deny the truth of your statement. Nobody can touch Gogos as far as these covers go. I guess I was trying to represent at least one or two of the covers from the current run of the mag.

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