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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Start Spreadin' the News: 92Y Tribeca Brings the Horror in October

It's good to be a New Yorker--or in my case, a slightly transplanted one, at least. Hate me all you want--yes, I'm the stereotypical arrogant, Yankee-lovin', cawfee-drinkin' Brooklyn boy at heart. And now, 92Y Tribeca has given me one more reason to be glad I live so close to the center of the universe--their amazing October lineup of events.

Just in time for Halloween, 92Y Tribeca has brought together a most impressive series of reasons for me to drag my sorry self from the suburban wiles of Fairfield County, Connecticut back to the town of my origin. Check out a sampling:

10/2: Zombie Girl: The Movie The much talked-about documentary about that amazing 12-year-old girl who managed to make her own zombie feature film.

10/7: The Old Dark House Classic Universal horror, starring Boris Karloff, directed by James Whale. Hosted by comedian and Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan.

10/10, 10/16: Audition Takashi Miike's notorious Japanese torture flick gets two screenings.

10/23: Kevin Geeks About... Vincent Price! An entire evening devoted to the crown prince of horror, with tributes from comics creator Tom Peyer, cinema critic Heather Hendershot, Price's Mercury Players' colleague Arthur Anderson, comedy writer Eric Drysdale and playwright Robert Satuloff.

10/23, 10/29: Ichi the Killer Another sadistic Miike favorite gets the double-screening treatment.

10/24: Cropsey The unusual documentary about one of the most bizarre urban legends of all time, and it's byzantine connection to a real-life child-killer. (Check out my interview with the directors.)

10/24: Little Shop of Horrors Sing-Along Rocky Horror ain't the only horror comedy musical worth singing along to. After Cropsey, you can stick around for this one-of-a-kind event, in which a beer is included with the price of admission. Beat that.

10/30: The Wicker Man With director Robin Hardy on-hand for a Q&A. Plus, a bunch of bands performing live interpretations of the film's original score, folk songs and pagan rituals.

10/31: The Phantom of the Opera For the big day itself, they're bringing out Lon Chaney's 1925 masterpiece, with the avante-garde Alloy Orchestra there to provide live musical accompaniment.

Between this and the lineup for Stamford, Connecticut's Avon Theatre I posted about some weeks ago, I'm going to be quite busy next month. For more info on what 92Y Tribeca has in store, check out their website.


the jaded viewer said...

You said it brotha. It's good to be a New Yorker. Thanks for the heads up. I may be headed to one of those screenings for Audition.

MrJeffery said...

thanks for this. it's hard to keep up with things in nyc. i wasn't aware!

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