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Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Awesome Top 50 All-Time Horror List! The Cyber-Horror Elite Go International!

So a few may recall the epic "Cyber Horror Elite" Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time post I did a little over a year ago. The one in which I polled a plethora of online horror blowhards and distilled their picks for the greatest fright flicks ever made. To this day, it remains the single most popular post in the history of the Vault, in terms of traffic and comments (89 and counting!)

Well, anyway, I just got an intriguing message the other day from my new friend Søren Henrik Jacobsen (thank you, cut and paste) from all the way over in Denmark. Seems Søren runs his very own Danish horror blog--not pertaining to scary movies with pastry, but rather in the Danish language (sorry dude, I'm an American, I can't help it). And it also seems that he has taken inspiration from the Cyber Horror Elite and done something very similar over in his native land.

The result is one damn fine list, which may very well be better than the one I put together. Check out his top 10:

2. ALIEN (1979), Ridley Scott
3. DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), George A. Romero

4. THE SHINING (1980), Stanley Kubrick

5. PSYCHO (1960), Alfred Hitchcock.
6. THE EXORCIST (1973), William Friedkin

7. PROFONDO ROSSO (1975), Dario Argento

8. SUSPIRIA (1977), Dario Argento

9. EVIL DEAD II (1987), Sam Raimi
10. THE THING (1982), John Carpenter

For the whole list, check out Søren's blog, Skræk og Rædsel. Yes, it's in Danish, but it doesn't really matter for this particular post. The list also has stuff like The Beyond, Zombi 2 and Black Sunday, so I'm thinking the whole European slant helped a little bit. Feel free to read it, and leave comments--Søren speaks English.

Anyway, just wanted to share this little bit of international Vault of Horror goodness! The Cyber Horror Elite has gone global!

* * * * * * * * * *

And while I'm in a plugging mood, a couple other things.

Firstly, Chuck Conry of Zombies DON'T Run has gone to the trouble of creating The Web Ring of Horror, a new website that's basically an online forum/community for horror bloggers. It's very cool, and if you haven't registered yet, I encourage you to do so. Also, feel free to add this nifty banner to your page if you do:

And finally, more awards to boast about. It seems that Uranium Willy of the erudite corner of the horror blogosphere known as Necrotic Cinema has bestowed upon me the elusive and mysterious Fibonacci Award:
The Fibonacci is a very special blog award to be given out only to those bloggers and blogs whose work have inspired others. The blog should be one that would cause others to want to passionately create something new and in the process inspire someone else to create a new post and soon marvelous posts are being spawned at a ratio calculable only by some esoteric mathematical formula. If you have received this award your site has been deemed exceptional in the areas of technical skill, graphic layout and worthy content as well as having a certain of accessibility by the general public.
And on top of that, the lovely Miss Aleata Illusion of GoreGoreDancer's Movie Reviews has seen fit to present me with BOTH the One Lovely Blog and the Kreativ Blogger Award, for which I'm both humbled and elated. Got to love awards week here in the online horror universe!


Søren said...

Hello B-Sol.

Thanks for your kind words about my post on Skræk og Rædsel - and for inspiring doing a list like this in the first place. It's been great fun and the result is very good. There is a European bias - of course - with three Dario Argento-movies and the new Lars von Trier-shocker making the top 50-list... and both versions of NOSFERATU.

Ah, a horror movie about Danish pastry! That could be the next ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES!

By the way: My name is just Søren Henrik Jacobsen. "København" means Copenhagen.

B-Sol said...

Ugh, aren't I just the Ugly American! Thanks for pointing that out, sorry about the confusion!

Rhonny Reaper said...

Congrats!!! and that list is amazing!

the jaded viewer said...

It's always interesting to see what non Americans think of American horror.

I mean the French, UK and even gasp Canada seem to be turning out better flicks than us.

But every now and then we put out a Zombieland and all is ok.

B-Sol said...

I agree. And the Spanish, Japanese and Koreans aren't too shabby, either.

B-Movie Becky said...

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. I was struck by the similarities, as well as the differences, especially in regards to European tendencies as Soren mentioned. 2 Argento movies in the top ten! Whoa! Was also surprised to see Fulci on there at least twice.

Søren said...

Inspired by Stacie Ponder I've recently created a new Top 50-list, based on votes from readers. 45 readers were kind enough to join the project and here's the result: Another Danish Top 50 list

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