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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What If You DIDN'T Want Your Friends to Shoot You If You Get Bitten? or, Why Zombie Comedy Never Gets Old

I've got an absolutely classic little short film to share with you all today, courtesy of Atom.com. In Sketch of the Dead, Anchorman's Paul F. Tompkins and Mad Men's Ben Acker find themselves barricaded up in a lonely cabin during the proverbial zombie apocalypse and, well... I'll let you enjoy the hilarity for yourselves. I kind of think of it as Night of the Living Dead meets Seinfeld:

Sketch Of The Dead


Scare Sarah said...

Ahahaha. "I kinda wanna shoot a zombie." That's so funny.

the jaded viewer said...

Pretty good.."My brain is on vacation..."

B-Sol said...

Yeah, this thing is pretty ingenious.

Evil said...

Thanks B-Sol that was pretty damn funny

The Film Reel said...

Awesome! Maybe they've got the right idea. All your friends could be zombies and you could just roam around eating people and playing board games! HAHAHA!

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