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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump-Day Harangue: Bruce Campbell--What's the Big Deal?

Another guest-harangue from Marilyn Merlot, who dares to question the appeal of one of horror's most beloved thespians...

The more important question after this might be how many women are not going to be a fan of me? Yes, I’m putting it out there. I never saw the big appeal of Bruce Campbell.

I know he’s a big fan favorite with horror websites, blogs, etc. But when I started reading through the interviews for Ms. Horror Blogosphere that the handsome Mr. Solomon put together, I started to ask myself the same question that he was asking some of the lovely contestants. “So what is it about Campbell that you all like, anyway?”

So I thought about it, too. I started off like many other people, catching him as Ash in the Evil Dead movies. At first glance back then, I thought, not bad, easy on the eyes, nice body. Then I was like, okay, this is what everyone’s talking about? Here he’s supposed to be a “real man”--a hero, even. But instead, he’s this whiny little bitch who is just as scared as the girls, and screaming like one. So, if you were his girlfriend, he would be someone you cannot rely on. He would be more likely to throw you in front of himself in self-defense.

Then there is the disaster of Evil Dead II. He is fighting with a possessed hand--enough said. I’ll be honest, I actually had a hard time getting through that movie. I found it laughable at times. I understand that he is a B-movie guy and definitely a B. or maybe C-actor at best. Don’t get me wrong, I like my B-horror movies, but with Bruce and his movies it’s just the same old thing after a while.

For instance, let’s jump ahead to My Name is Bruce. Here, he is still trying to capitalize on the character of Ash from The Evil Dead. Seriously, Bruce? Ash is long gone and done with, let him go. Even Corey Feldman knew he made a mistake when he went back to make Lost Boys: The Tribe. Then, to see someone in his 50s still chasing young starlets around who may be just turning 20 is a little creepy.

When all is said and done, you have a huge fan following, Bruce Campbell, and have made a fine living out of your movies. So until the next Evil Dead movie, I will continue to laugh at your expense.


Anonymous said...

"I actually had a hard time getting through that movie. I found it laughable at times"

I think that was the point! This is one of the greatest horror comedies of all time and you call it a disaster!!! Get the fuck outta here! You should have posted this on April 1st because you must be foolin'

As for Bruce Campbell I'll admit that he doesn't have the best résumé in Hollywood (due to the studios lack of faith in the guy in some respects)but as Ash (and Elvis in Bubba Ho-tep) he is pitch perfect and always makes me smile when he shows up in cameos for the Coens, Raimi etc. The Maniac Cop films are O.K for what the are I suppose.

Dissin' Campbell on a Horror blog come on show some class!

Crowdkiller (I forgot my password and can't log in)

B-Sol said...

Hey, let the record show that we welcome dissenting opinions here in the Vault! Whether I may agree with it or not, I like having other writers come on here with their viewpoints. So let's play nice, shall we? There are no sacred cows here. I, and many other horror fans worship The Evil Dead. But some think it's a piece of crap. Fact.

Anonymous said...

I assure you my post is meant to be jokey in tone. I thought my 'April 1st' line showed that. This wasn't an angry fanboy rant just a fanboys opinion. I'm all for the next guy/gal's viewpoint but I will argue 'til the cows come home for mine! As my last post didn't really say much about the appeal of B-Cam I'd like to add a few things about why I like the guy.

1. I think the man is a solid actor and when he fits a role this amplifies his performance tenfold (as shown with Ash). I really think calling the man's acting skill in to question is a silly move he may not be DeNiro but the worst you could say is that he's a decent actor IMHO.

2. His ability to do slapstick is amazing Evil Dead II is testament to this. If he was acting in silent movie times I'm sure he'd be on some Buster Douglas type shit!

3. His old school appeal. I really think Campbell was acting in the wrong era. I could see him as a Dana Andrews type. He looks like he just walked out of a film noir.

4. The dude is just cool. I know we can't measure cool but whatever cool is he's that! His on & off screen persona are just inherently likeable. You see interviews with the guy and he's funny, charming and humble.

Well I think those are some good ass points. Sorry to Miss Marilyn Merlot and Mr B to the Sol if my last post caused any harm. I assure you I always play nice!

Peace. Crowdkiller (Too lazy to find my password)

BJ Colangelo said...

1) Bruce Campbell is in fact sexy.

2) His cult like following didn't happen until Army of Darkness where he was not the whiny little bitch he was in the first film, but rather a cocky, sexy, slapstick, douche bag who knew his way around a boom stick.

3) He's acting is legit. Burn Notice? I find him fantastic.

4) My name is Bruce was hysterical. But it was made for his cult like followers, not for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

he a joke the movies he does are all boring i know he be a good actor if he stop doing pointless movies

B-Sol said...

While he does kind of coast on the cult success of the Evil Dead movies, there is no doubt that the man is a genre icon.

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