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Friday, January 15, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/Mike Snoonian

Tonight I bring you the second installment of Conversations in the Dark--this time featuring Mr. Mike Snoonian of All Things Horror. The topic of conversation is foreign horror in the decade just concluded. So listen in as two 30-something dudes chat on a Friday night about the French obsession with gore, the twisted genius of Guillermo del Toro, Japanese panty dispensers, and much, much more.

Check out the embedded player below, head to the Vaultcast page, or download directly!


Chris H said...

B-Sol, thanks so much for this great interview with Mike and mentioning our monthly screenings!

One more interesting topic of discussion is how the industry imports foreign directors to (re)make movies here, like Alex Aja, David Moreau & Xavier Palud (Them/Ils) remaking The Eye, Hideo Nakata remaking his own sequel!

Crazy shit, man!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job you guys. I had the same experience as Mike after watching Inside. I locked and then re-locked my front doors for good measure. I think I stayed up until 3am. Totally shook me to the core.

Looking forward to the next one B-Sol!

Christopher Zenga said...

Two for Two B

Keep E'm comming!

Later days,


B-Sol said...

Thanks guys!

Christopher Zenga said...

Real quick, I thought I have seen you mention Grace as a "good" film and you briefly mentioned it here today. I was extremely disappointed, it had good elements but lost it's way early on. Did you really enjoy this film?

Later days,


B-Sol said...

Indeed, I did, sir:


Christopher Zenga said...

I may have to watch this film again?

I almost broke into tears during the (spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!)

Still born birth scene, that is the most realistic dead baby doll I have ever seen! But the film lost me, is it a vampire or a Zombie, why does the baby grow if it's dead? How does it start teething.....if it's dead?? and your right, the disturbing parts are thanks mostly to the supporting cast. The mother in law trying to breast feed again ,unsettling. The doctor with the breast pump fetish, creepy!

But why was she a Uber Vegan, she had that vivisection channel on all the time. And why do we give a shit that the midwife and her were lovers in college? And another thing, the midwife's new girlfriend is as much annoying as she is a twat for not passing on Madeline's messages! I think this film suffered from "Phantom Menace Syndrome" ( hype so big that the actual product is doomed to fail) I wanted to see this sooooo bad, and when I did I felt cheated, This could have been so much more, this could have been...... INSIDE. Now that was gruesome AND the story had a better pace to it. Not to mention a far superior ending. Again this goes back to your previous post about reviewing films, you and I saw the same movie, with our wives, but our opinions are very, very different. I didn't hate it, far from it, it just did not give me the film that I had created in my mind, and maybe that's my fault.

Later days,

I'm going to watch Grace,

Christopher Zenga

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