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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leaked Piranha 3-D Trailer! Shhh, Don't Tell the Weinsteins!

Better hurry up and check this out before Bob and Harvey find out about it. The guy at 00:50 looks uncannily like Larry David--even though I know it's not him, I would pay serious cash to see a 3-D movie about carnivorous fish starring Larry David. Also, I seriously hope that Ving Rhames gets to say "I have had it with these mother****ing piranha in this mother****ing lake!!"

Thanks to Katiebabs for the heads-up!


Adam said...

I'm pretty sure it's Richard Dreyfuss at 50. Just as good as Larry David.

I'm excited for this, I heard a rumor that the Weinsteins don't have the money to give it a proper 3D release though. Hope that's false.

B-Sol said...

I hope so too! And oh yeah, I forgot they've got Dreyfuss in this. Very nice.

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