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Friday, January 8, 2010

VAULTCAST: Conversations in the Dark... w/BJ-C

Things just get bigger and better here in the VoH, and so I'm starting off 2010 right with a brand new feature as part of the Vaultcast. It's a special series, which I announced a few weeks ago, called Conversations in the Dark.

In this series, I'll be chatting it up with a different fellow horror blogger every week or so (fingers crossed), about any topic of his or her choosing. For this initial installment, I'm joined by BJ-C of Day of the Woman--Listen in as we chew the fat on matters including: what constitutes a feminist horror film, why Alien kicks Star Wars' ass, and the inherent male fear of the hoo-ha...

Listen in on the embedded player below; go straight to the Vaultcast page; or download the file directly. Also, drop me a line if you're interested in being a guest on a future edition of Conversations in the Dark.


BJ Colangelo said...

thanks so much for having me!!

B-Sol said...

Thanks for being such a marvelous first guest!

Tiffani said...

Really cool concept Brian, hope there are more to come! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are sweet on the ears. Like Peter Cetera and Cher.

B-Sol said...

After aaalll the stops and starts...We keep comin' back to these two hearts...

Bill Dan Courtney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Dan Courtney said...

I deleted my last comment as I mistyped my blog address:


this came out well. The sound quality is pretty good. I had some trouble streaming it at first maybe because of my Chinese connection but it came on through finally.

Maybe you're sick of all these zany awards but there is a special one for you at my Blogger site:


You deserve it for your hard work here.


Alison said...

I totally dig the movie 'Teeth' so it was cool to hear you guys talk about it.

DM said...

I've got my own ill-formed opinions of feminism in horror and it was great listening to you two.

I was a huge Star Wars geek and I have to say, in spite of everything, I still love the original movies.

BJ Colangelo said...

I'm a Star Wars geek myself...It hurts me to agree with him. However, I'm 19. I'm not jaded against them yet :D

B-Sol said...

Glad you liked the first installment, "Stresses"! I hope to have both of you on at a later date. Rachel, we might have to debate Star Wars, to hell with the format! And BJ, I once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the Dark Side.

DM said...

I would love to join you! Though if you've even listened to five minutes of TheAvod, you'll know I'm a terrible debater :)

Christopher Zenga said...


How cool is it that the rape scene in I spit on your grave was 26minuits longs and so was your conversation in the Dark.

I always love hearing a live interview of some one I respect because you cant always here the passion in the written word and there is no hiding your true love of the macabre here BJ!

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Film Teeth, Fantastic read on the evolution angle BJ! The ending IS wonderful, I love how she owns the monster inside, and turns her curse into a weapon.

In regards to Bruce Campbell as Ripley, just imagine it,

"hey alien baby! this is my BOOM STICK" BLAM!!!!!!

what an ending!

You want J-horror scary? watch the original Shutter!!, My fave horror film of all time, it actually trumped the original NOTLD (it's actually Thai) Scary as shit.

and Finally, The Rue Morgue drop was awesome B, I love that magazine to bits and pieces (and it's published in my home town) and it's cool that it's making ripples across the pond.

Again, this was STELLAR!

Later days, and may the force be with you,

B-Sol said...

Rachel, if you were trying to get me to say that I'm a master debater, sorry I'm NOT gonna do it! :-P

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